8-Day Breast augmentation (with implants) procedure in Tehran.

Tehran, Iran

Despite of being tall, fair and pretty, do you feel you are not attractive enough due to having small breasts? Perfect size breasts work to enhance overall look of a woman. If you are not happy with the size of yours, you can opt for breast augmentation surgery, a procedure through which silicon pads are inserted between the ribcage and the mammary glands to improve the size of a woman’s breasts. 

Breast Augmentation Surgery has become common among cosmetic clinics and hospitals in Iran due to the low cost and great surgeons. With the passage of time, Iran become one of the hottest destination point for breast augmentation procedure.  Check here for more information on this procedure. 


Medical Services
  • Pre-operation clinic and doctor visit.
  • Medical photography & blood test.
  • Surgery fee.
  • Hospital stay (1 nights).
  • Hospital's translator.
  • Medication and drugs during and after surgery.
  • Personal host (24 hours on-call)
  • Check-up after surgery.
  • Surgical bra
  • Prosthesis
  • Special group discount. (Special gift)
Trip Services
  • Airport pickup.
  • SIM card with 2GB internet charged.
  • 8x night accommodations (1x night hospital, 7x night hotel).
  • Breakfast included.
  • All in-city transportation (to/from hotel and hospital).
  • English/Arabic accompany caretaker on your clinic visit, surgical, discharge and check-up days)
  • Personal host (24 hours on-call).
  • Tipping.
  • Flight ticket
  • Hotel room service expenses i.e. telephone calls, laundry etc.
  • 1x farewell dinner. (Special gift)
  • Souvenir. (Special gift)
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  • Accompany translator in any languages for 15 $ per day.
  • Medical record translation to and from any languages for 5 $ per page.
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  • Private car with AC and English speaking driver for 35 $ per day.
  • Upgrade of the car to SUV 4x4 for 50 $ per day.
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  • Additional night for 3-star hotel for 35 $.
  • Additional night for 5-star hotel for 75 $.
  • Full equipped hotel apartment for family stay for 100 $ per night.
  • Other accommodation wishes arrangement possible. Please pick clean hotel as the hygiene is very important after the surgery.
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  • 1-day cultural tour of visiting beautiful Kashan 95 $ per person.
  • Adventures tours for skiing, hiking or camping (if it is not against your post procedure care) can be arranged.

Special Service

  • Any other medical services i.e. dental or cosmetics services. Please drop us a message to receive your customized plan.

  • Delivery of personalized meal package (lunch & dinner) based on your surgery diet program for only 25 $ per person per day.

  • Skype service with your surgeon for 15$ .

VIP Service

VIP Services for 700 $ Including:
  • Airport CIP arrival/departure.

  • Bodyguard service.

  • In-house nursing service.

  • No waiting line and fast track at any point including doctor visit, hospital, touristic places.

  • An available person to follow any order or request.

Your Medical Trip Schedule
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Welcome to Tehran!

Your personal caretaker will greet you at IKA International Airport. You will be then transferred to hotel where you can rest and get ready to meet the surgeon. You will meet your surgeon and have an opportunity to discuss any concern you have. Please finalize the type, size and shape of implant you desire to have with the surgeon. Your caretaker will take you for blood tests and any other medical experiments needed before the surgery. Please have enough rest to be ready for your surgery on the next day. We recommend you to read our article about "how is breast implant performed" on our website to get ready for the operation with wide eyes.

Day 1

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Surgical day.

You will be transferred from hotel to the hospital. Your personal caretaker will help you fill all required documents before the surgery. You will be then taken to pre-op room. The medical team will prepare you for the surgery. There is nothing to feel anxious about, your team will make sure you are comfortable with all aspects of your surgery. You need to be sure that the surgery is done by the hands of the most experienced surgeons. After the surgery, you will spend the night at hospital to make sure that everything is Ok.

Day 2

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Discharge day.

In the morning, your surgeon and the medical team will visit you and do all the required check-ups to make sure everything is Ok and you are ready to discharge from the hospital. Your personal caretaker will do the check-out process of the hospital. You will be transferred to your hotel. Please rest and do not hesitate to call your caretaker for any further help or question.

Day 3

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All you need to do is "to rest"!

You don't need to do anything rather than resting in your hotel on day 4 and 5. Your personal caretaker will visit you and provide you with anything you need.


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Are you ready for a city tour?

On the 6th day, you might feel better to go out to explore the city. If you feel well, we offer you a great city-tour to visit hottest tourist attraction of Tehran to enjoy your trip more.

Day 6

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Final Check-ups.

You will be transferred to the hospital for the final check-ups. Your doctor will remove bandages from your breasts and check the incision parts. If everything is Ok, the doctor will confirm that you are ready to fly. You will be transferred back to hotel. Pack your bags, take a shower, and get ready for the farewell dinner offered by Medirip. We will also give you a personalized gift as a souvenir (this is the fun part!) to memorize your surgery and trip to Tehran.

Day 7

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Goodbye Tehran.!

Check-out will be done and you will be transferred to the IKA International Airport. Have a safe flight back home and do not forget that you will have a permanent access to our follow up channel for any support on your surgery. We wish you a long and healthy life.

Day 8

Price from 1500 $
Price for 1 patient + 1 company
Treatment Breast Augmentation (breast implant)
Hospital Royan Beauty Clinic
Minimum stay 7 nights
Hospital stay 1 night
Hotel Not included
Medical Services included
Trip Services Not included
Extra Services Upon request
Price for 1 patient + 1 company
Treatment Breast Augmentation (breast implant)
Minimum stay 7 nights
Hospital stay 1 night
Medical Services included
Trip Services included
Extra Services Upon request
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Our guarantee to you

  • Free Consultation
  • Outstanding surgery result
  • 24/7 support
  • No waiting list.
  • Best price
  • High quality care.

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